Great Passion for Photography, Born in 1972 , in real life I' m an Exhibit designer and project manager more than 20 years in exhibiton fairs in Italy, Europe middle east & china. Project management / rapid problem solving / knowledge of various European' s fairgrounds / Commercial Exhibitions. Good ability to manage customers ,Technical support in the early stages of concept, design, implementation of construction/buildup. Good propensity for travel.


24 Lug 2016, Posted by admin in PHOTO CONTEST
Sweet Marzipan


Klaus, your work reveals the fragile and delicate beauty of a world that we so seldom have the chance to see.
I really responded to the way you captured these images, there is so much attention in your gaze and so much dedication to finding the best angles for the flowers.
Image 01 is breath taking, in general, images of flowers specially done with micro lens tend to be aesthetically pleasing yet your images are able to captivate an essence that is beyond aesthetics, I see the work of a true seeker and someone who is very invested in capturing beyond what meets the eye.
Image 04, 05 are very powerful, I respond to how some of your images are more straightforward photographs and some like image 05 borderline abstraction, this quality of using both realism and abstraction is a strength on the work.



I suggest that you continue this series and keep finding these special angles and compositions to captured the deepness in flowers. One thing to consider is that some of your images, although very strong, are easy to read, and that takes away from the work, for example, image 03 and 08 are both technically good images, yet as compositions they could be stronger, both of these images are not as engaging as some of your stronger work like image 01, 04, 05, 06, and 10.
Klaus, I see that you have all you need in terms of your practice, keep refining your vision, keep studying the images that work ad the images that are not as strong, learn from both, and keep shooting, you are in the right path and continuity will make your photography stronger and your purpose clearer.

You have a strong body of work and I trust that I will see more of your work out in the world, in the meantime I have added some links to support you in your photographic journey.
Thank you for your submission and good luck in your endeavors.
Keep shooting.